Most companies doing business in the Kyrgyz Republic have idle cash that they would like to keep and increase. These funds require a tool that will bring a stable return on investment, without requiring daily control and frequent presence at work.

Today the microfinance company Alma Credit is ready to offer such an instrument. We suggest you placing your investments in our corporate bonds, nominated in Kyrgyz soms. Bonds are issued electronically (subsequent rights are recorded on an electronic register, allowing investors to acquire, transfer and exercise the rights electronically). Bond investments are one of the most stable and most flexible tool for modern business. Nowadays there are more than 4 billion monetary funds of individuals and legal entities in circulation o`n the bond market.

Having bought bonds in the primary market, you can sell at a fair market price on the secondary bond market, and you do not lose profitability on bonds for the whole quarter.

ADVANTAGES of the purchase of Alma Credit bonds

  • Good profitability. Due to preferential taxation on bonds, a higher profit is achieved than on deposits;
  • The income is stable and reliable. During the whole period of bond ownership, the interest rate is set in the bond issue prospectus and can not be changed by the issuer independently. You are aware of the amount of income your enterprise will receive in a certain period of time;
  • Regularity of income. Interest income is provided quarterly, on certain dates, which allows the investor to regularly receive an additional amount of cash;
  • Enterprises don’t pay taxes on income on bonds (e.g. value added tax)
  • You get certain freedom in managing securities. You’ve got the ability to manage the timing of the placement of cash, selling and buying bonds in the secondary market.

Hundreds of investors have already received their reliable income with Alma Credit bonds. Today we have an opportunity to suggest you a reliable investment option.

General information about MFC Alma Credit

Financial Reports

Download the Prospectus of the First Bond Issue (PDF, 7 Mb, available in Russian)

Download conditions of public offering of ordinary registered bonds of CJSC MFC "Alma Credit" (PDF, 7 Mb, available in Russian)

Please contact the office of our underwriter Askoinvest LLC: Bishkek city, building of CJSC "Kyrgyz Stock Exchange", Moscow Str. 172, 1st floor (to the right). We will be happy to answer your questions by phone: 0-550-511-317

Bond issuer

CJSC MFC Alma Credit

Activity type

Microfinance services


Ganieva Uuljan Islamkulovna


Legal address: Bishkek, Mederov Str., 117.

Actual address: Bishkek, Manas ave., 41а/4


0312  88 19 90

Type of bonds

Registered interest bonds

Volume of the issue 

KGS 50 000 000

Number of bonds

50 000

Face value

KGS 1 000

Bond coupon rate

19 % per annum

Payment of income

Each three months


2 years

Maximum value for option

KGS 10 000 000


«Blue Chips»

Bond placement start date

June, 14 - 2017

Maturity date

June, 14 - 2019


ЗАО АКФ «Kyrgyzaudit»


Reestroderjatel Medina LTD

Early repayment

Investors can early repay the bonds and return the invested funds. The bonds are redeemed at a nominal value of KGS 1000.

Effective interest rate


Income on bonds that are not subject to income tax and profit tax

Investment amount in KGS

Quarterly income (% payment) in KGS

Total income for 2 years in KGS

10   000



100   000



1   000 000



10   000 000