Pay off your loan remotely via ELSOM!

Dear Clients,
MFC Alma Credit offers you a convenient option to repay a loan through ELSOM payment system. To pay off, you need to download and register (registration takes several minutes) ELSOM mobile application:
1. Elsom's mobile app on the Google Play Market
2. Elsom's mobile app in the AppStore for iPhones.
Download and read the detailed instructions for repaying a loan through ELSOM (in Russian)
In case of difficulties, you can always contact our Contact Center and get advice:
(559) 88-22-22
(779) 88-22-22
(709) 88-22-22
WhatsApp is available at: (559) 88-22-22
You can also follow our news in official Facebook and Instagram accounts, contact us through personal messages in these social networks, or use the online chat on our website.

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