MFC Alma Credit transits to the remote operating and distant services from March, 25, 2020.

Dear Clients,
We inform you that in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and in order to ensure the safety of the health of our customers and employees, MFC Alma Credit is switched to a remote mode of operation. Loan issuance is temporarily suspended until the end of the emergency state. You are welcome to fill in the online application for a loan on our official website, your applications will be considered in the order of receipt, after the situation with COVID-19 will be stabilized. Please, feel free to contact our Contact Center by phone:
(559) 88-22-22
(779) 88-22-22
(709) 88-22-22
WhatsApp is available at: (559) 88-22-22
You can also follow our news in official Facebook and Instagram accounts, contact us through personal messages in these social networks, or use the online chat on our website.

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