The main objective of the MFC Alma Credit is to provide affordable financial services to the population, as well as issue business and consumer loans for individuals and legal entities of the Kyrgyz Republic. Pursuing  its mission and values, MFC Alma Credit strives to be a reliable company that helps people to adequately overcome difficult life situations and makes their life a little bit better and easier by providing a simplified access to financial services with a high level of customer service.
Our clients constitute an economically active part of the society, they experience the need for our financial services to improve their financial situation.
Our principle is effective management for achievement of high financial indicators and transparent operations with a special focus on customer service.
The fully paid and registered authorized capital of the company is 100 million soms. In 2016, the company increased the level of the registered capital and was transformed into the micro financial company.

Experts of our company constantly study the best financial practices to implement innovative products and services for the convenience of our customers. Our experts provide their advice to the clients and adhere to the best examples of business ethics and standards of social responsibility, so our clients can count on the high level of professionalism of Alma Credit specialists and high quality of service here.
MFC Alma Credit confidently looks to the future expanding the branch network throughout Kyrgyzstan, making lending and other financial services more affordable and convenient for ordinary people of the Kyrgyz Republic.

"Alma Credit" strives to be a socially responsible company and take care of financial literacy improvement in our country. Working regularly in this direction, the Company produced a number of  educational materials that increase the literacy of the population. We also actively post a lot of useful educational information through the official accounts of the company in social networks, trying to reach the young population of the country, which will form the main driving force for the development of the economy of Kyrgyzstan soon.

The Alma Credit logo is executed in red and green colors. Red symbolizes leadership, energy, joy and wealth, and green color complements it with freshness of new hopes and prosperity. The visualization of the company logo is based on the first letter of the company's name – “A” from “ALMA”. The logo traces the image of a young sprout, which turns into a fruit - a ripe apple. This metaphor recalls us the creative role of our company, for which it is important that bold initiatives and new undertakings necessarily achieve their goals and give the desired results. And of course, the attentive spectator will certainly discover in the logo the traditional Kyrgyz pattern which is so dear to the heart of every citizen of our country. This detail reminds our customers that Alma Credit works to benefit the Kyrgyz economy and prosperity of Kyrgyzstan.