For efficient processing of applications from clients of CJSC MFC Alma Credit:

1.    the customer support service of MFC Alma Credit is available for clients via Call Center:
+996 (559) 88-22-22
+996 (779) 88-22-22
+996 (709) 8 8-22-22
2.    WhatsApp: +996 (559) 882 222;
3.    there is a separate email address to which you can send a letter at any time convenient for you to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
4.    there is a special procedure for handling complaints and suggestions from customers (described below)
5.    There are books of reviews and suggestions at any branch of MFC Alma Credit
6.    it is possible to write a statement in free form at any office of the Company addressed to the head of the company
7.    There are official pages of the Company on social networks, where you can also get prompt answers to your questions:
Brief extract from the procedure for considering clients’ applications at MFC Alma Credit

Consideration of consumer complaints is free of charge. Employees of the Company are not entitled to deprive or in any way limit consumers to the opportunity to file a complaint, request or offer. Refusal to accept applications is not allowed. In all appeals of consumers, regardless of the form, the last name, first name, middle name of the consumer, address, contact information must be indicated and the essence of the appeal is stated. In written applications, the personal signature of the consumer and the date of application should be included. The consumer’s written request, which does not indicate personal and contact information, as well as the mailing address to which the response should be sent, is recognized as anonymous and can not be a subject to consideration. A written appeal from a consumer that contains obscene or abusive language, threats to the life, health and property of an employee of the Company, as well as members of his or her family, may be left without consideration.

A written appeal of a consumer, received on purpose, by post or by e-mail of the Company, or received in the course of personal reception, is subject to registration within one business day in the Journal of Records of Appeals. The register of complaints is kept by a responsible employee of the Head Office. All appeals received at the office are recorded in a special registry. Responsible employees in the offices send all written requests by corporate e-mail to the address of the Responsible Manager and the employee responsible for the Registry for registering the appeal in a complaint registry.

In case of receipt of the appeal by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. HR manager immediately forwards the appeal to the responsible employee and executive director no later than the next business day. and sends a confirmation of receipt of the appeal to the e-mail address of the consumer or notifies the consumer by phone. Customers have an opportunity to leave an appeal over the telephone line to the head office number of the company +996 550 770 146. The contact phone number t and the name of the contact person are also indicated at all information stands of the company in all offices. Telephone line calls are also recorded in the Call Log.

The procedure for receiving appeals

For the purpose of objective consideration and in order to avoid technical errors during the reception and consideration of customer requests, Responsible employees carry out the following actions:

  • Registration of the appeal;
  • Sending an appeal to responsible managers;
  • Consideration of the appeal and preparation of the answer;
  • Transfer of the response to the client who filed the complaint;
  • Transmitting a response to the client who sent the proposal is optional.

Term for consideration of the complaint

The consumer's appeal received by the Company is considered within ten business days from the date of its registration. If it is necessary to conduct an additional audit or take other measures to consider a consumer’s appeal, the review period may be extended by the responsible manager for ten business days. The consumer must be reported about the prolongation.

During the loan servicing period, the Company, upon an oral or written request of the borrower, within five business days from the date of receipt of the request, free of charge, but not more than once a month, provides him or her with oral or written information:

  • on the amount of cash paid on the loan;
  • on the size and timing of regular payments;
  • about the amount of overdue debt;
  • on the distribution of incoming funds to repay the loan debt;
  • the amount due to repayment in case of partial or full early repayment of the loan;
  • on the balance of debt on the principal amount;
  • about credit limit.

Informing the customer

The agreed decision on the received request (complaints, inquiries) of the client must be made in written form and delivered personally to the client-applicant (or authorized representative of the client-applicant), and can also be transferred to him or her by using communication channels that allow defining the date of sending the response. Transmitting a response to the client who sent the proposal is optional. The response to the consumer’s written appeal is signed by the Chairman of the Management Board, or the Director of the Branch / Authorized person of the office, and must contain a clear justification for satisfaction (full or partial), refusal to satisfy the appeal or clarification of the rights and obligations of the consumer. The answer should contain information about the responsible executor and his or her contact information. If necessary, certified copies of documents are attached to the answer. The response of the Company to the consumer based on the results of consideration of the appeal is given in the language of circulation - the state or official language of the Kyrgyz Republic.

If several consumers contacted the Company in writing (collective appeal), then the answer is sent to the first address indicated in the appeal, unless otherwise specified in the appeal.

If the question stated in the oral appeal of the consumer does not require additional research or additional verification, the response to the appeal can be given promptly, orally, by phone or during a personal appointment.

If the issue stated in the oral appeal cannot be considered promptly and requires additional research, the consumer is invited to present the appeal in writing with the application of supporting documents.

You can also meet with the Management of the Company during office hours (Monday to Friday from 15: 00-16: 00). To arrange a meeting with the Company Management, please call the reception at +996 (312) 881990.

Management reception schedule:
ORMOTOEV ERMEK, Chairman of the Board
Tuesday, Thursday 15 00 - 16 00
TALASBAEV ERMEK, Deputy Chairman of the Board
Monday, Wednesday 15 00 - 16 00

Due to COVID-19 client visits to the Alma Credit management team are temporary suspended.