Mission of Alma Credit – improvement of the society welfare through provision of good quality financial services to population.

Each organization has its own debt before the society, before people and before the State. Our company also wants to bear its social responsibility, which must be expressed in sustainable development of the Kyrgyz society. The company "Alma Credit" strives to be a socially responsible company and take care of liquidation of financial illiteracy in our country.

On this page you will find a number of training materials with financial advice for you and your children. We sincerely hope that these materials will help you!

The MFC Alma Credit issued booklets and posters on financial literacy covering the most important issues to be considered when you are going to get a loan. You will learn how to correctly realize your opportunities avoiding failures.

Download the booklet "7 rules of a problem-free loan" (PDF format. Available in Russian)

Download the poster "7 rules of a problem-free loan" (PDF format. Available in Russian)

"Money for children" educational materials are prepared by the MFC Alma Credit during the Global Money Week 2017. Learn how to help your children to develop self-control and strength of will regarding money through financial mechanisms understandable for children. You will learn how to help children to create their own savings and how to resist temptations in our consumer society.

Download "Money for children" educational materials   (PDF format. Available in Russian)