Nowadays, when huge hypermarket chains cover the most remote areas, small bazaars and small grocery stores have to compete in a difficult struggle, working every day to maintain a good level of sales and keep a competitive adb=vantage. But the high level of competition has never scared the heroine of our today's history. Since 2001, Kenzheeva Anarkul has been managing her own small grocery store. For almost two decades, she has gained enormous life and entrepreneurial experience, has learned all the ins and outs of this business, how to competently sell, how to study demand, offering customers exactly what they need, and thereby successfully compete with retail chains.

“The most important thing,” says Anarkul, is the successful location of the grocery store, the wide assortment, the individual approach to each client and the smile of the seller. ” The entrepreneur knows most of her clients personally, and all of them are happy to come to her, being sure that she will never offer a spoiled or poor quality product. “Work and enjoy your work” is the life credo of Anarkul in business.

At the beginning of 2019, Kenzheeva Anarkul needed an affordable loan and she turned to the microfinance company Alma Credit, which was closest to her house. A female entrepreneur decided to increase the working capital, needed to develop her store. She started with a small loan. After the delivery of the necessary documents, the loan was approved very quickly - this is how the fruitful cooperation began between Anarkul and MFC Alma Credit.

As the director of the Alma Credit branch noted, where the client received a loan: “Small stores are located near residential quarters. FMSG products are in demand, especially when the assortment is wide enough. Anarkul has already taken a loan from us three times and she is pleased with the current state of affairs, as trade has grown and profits have increased. And most importantly, customers have more variety in choosing products. A satisfied customer is the foundation of any business. Alma Credit company wishes the entrepreneur great success and will always be happy to offer affordable business loans. ”

The desire to have their own home comes to people of different incomes, social status, and at any age. But, perhaps, in Kyrgyzstan it is difficult to find a person who has never thought about buying a house and the majority prefer to get a mortgage loan for this purpose. The heroine of our story - Dzhamgurova Sharshenbubu is no exception. Mom of five wonderful children, she has already become a grandmother, raising the second generation with love and care.

“Everyone needs a place where you can return after a hard working day, hug all family members, relax and rest,” says Sharshenbubu, recalling when a desire to take a mortgage loan comes to her for the first time. - The accumulation of money for purchasing a house can take many decades. Instead, you can take out a loan, pay a debt and live a more comfortable life.”

Of course, some people are afraid of such long-term debt obligations. However, it’s a real happiness to feel that you own a house. You can easily equip everything as you want, choose furniture, design and home appliances at your own discretion.

Sharshenbubu is sure: “Investments in square meters have always paid off. The main thing is to pay bills properly, and before you get a loan, it is very clear to plan how much income you have for paying a loan. My husband and I have more than 20 years of experience in crop production and livestock farming, we well weighed the pros and cons before taking a loan from Alma Credit microfinance company. Therefore, we never had a bank debt or other problems, we make repayments on time. The house is slowly getting better, grandchildren are growing up.”

Toktogulova Meerim, director of the Alma Credit branch, where Sharshenbubu received her mortgage loan, praises the client very much: “We are very happy for her and admire her as a woman, , and as a very wise and organized client with brilliant discipline in paying out loan. For many Kyrgyz citizens, a mortgage is the only chance to change their quality of life for the better and gain confidence in the future through the acquisition of their own house, and our microfinance company is always ready to help do this.”

“Children are our everything”, says Matraimova Danahan, one of the long-standing and regular clients of MFC Alma Credit. In the early 2000s, she launched her own business in the sale of children's clothes. The choice of this particular area was not accidental. “Everyone must be sure that children are dressed in a good and high-quality clothes, it is very important,” Danakhan decisively says. “I’m a grandmother, most of my grandchildren are still small, up to 6 years old, it is really important for infants and small children to wear high-quality clothes and shoes. I’ve been in business for many years and I can confidently say that there are enough gray products of low quality on the market today that adversely affect children's health. It is unacceptable. ”If clothes are of low quality, not environmentally friendly, children may have problems with the skin, skin irritation and troubles with health. Therefore, The entrepreneur often advises her clients to pay attention to the manufacturer, country of production. Danahan strives to offer customers the best children's clothes at an affordable price and good quality.
The director of the Alma Credit branch, Abdybekova Gulzat, notes that Danahan is a talented entrepreneur, a wonderful grandmother and a very responsible borrower: “In one year, Matraimova Danahan received several loans and paid them off on time. Her ability to handle money and a sense of responsibility deserve deep respect. She invests money in business to increase turnover. ”
Now the client has increased sales, sales have grown by more than 20%, and the business is developed successfully every day. Matraimova Danahan plans to comprehensively grow her business in the chosen niche and increase sales of goods at other store locations. The plans are ambitious and require considerable investment. Dunahan already knows where to turn for financial help, because MFC Alma Credit is always ready for fruitful cooperation and helping its clients to develop their business on favorable terms.

A cozy house, the warm lights are on in the windows, the life of a friendly Kyrgyz family is carefully sheltered by beautiful curtains. This attractive and comfortable picture rises before the eyes of every housewife who seeks to create coziness in her home. And the heroine of this story - Mukeyeva Saltanat - is directly related to home comfort and improvement. Saltanat is a young entrepreneur, she is a trader who sells curtains at the Dordoi market (the Kerben sector).

“A good-looking beautiful house is important for everybody,” says our heroine. “I know how we love decorating our homes for receiving guests, and the happy life of the family, so that everyone can feel the warmth and care of the place. I think that beautiful curtains add a special effect on our houses with charming accents at windows. " Saltanat knows a lot about fabrics, accessories for curtains, she easily guesses the wishes of customers, wishing the customers all the best. She is engaged in the procurement of goods, conducts bookkeeping and monitors all aspects of her business.

One day the entrepreneur realized that she needs to increase the turnover to allow quick growth of her business and increase profits. The logical decision in this situation was a loan from the Alma Credit microfinance company. Critically assessing her capabilities and weighing the risks, the female entrepreneur successfully received a loan and invested borrowed funds into her business. A carefully considered and balanced decision was successful - the business went faster, the turnover increased, and Saltanat became truly satisfied.

“I sincerely admire the Saltanat`s business acumen, her perseverance, and hard work,” said Keneshev Tilek, director of the branch of the Alma Credit microfinance company, where the entrepreneur`s loan was issued. “She presents is a great example when a small loan helps to improve and develop a business and create a solid foundation for its successful work for many years.”


The heroine of our history - Akmat kyzy Aitikan - was born in the Chui region. She sells women's clothing at the Dordoi market (the Eurasia sector). The female entrepreneur is married, has 2 children, and she successfully combines career and family like many other Kyrgyz women, she supports her beloved ones, keeps an eye on the house and works at the market.

“I like to trade in clothes, I feel that trade is something I love,” comments Akmat Kyzy Aytikan, a female entrepreneur. - I love when customers come to me to dress up again and again. I always try to give the best advice whether clothes suit my customers or not. After all, if my client is satisfied with the purchase and feel comfortable in clothes I sold her, she will wear it for a long time and with pleasure, and she will certainly return to me, because she knows I`m a good seller. ”

Any person who is professionally engaged in trade understands that turnover in trade is a matter of great importance, because gross income and profit depend on it. Naturally, the gradual accumulation of funds to increase turnover takes a lot of time. Especially if we take into account the ever-increasing costs related to growing children who need to be well fed, dressed and taught. Aytikan has long been in the trading business, confidently standing on its feet. Therefore, she has weighed all the pros and cons, and decided to take a small loan for business development.

Keneshev Tilek, director of the branch of the Alma Credit microfinance company, notes that the company is actively issuing loans to finance trade for individual entrepreneurs and small business. “Business loans are in great demand among our citizens. Akmat kyzy Aitikan is a vivid example of successful female entrepreneurship in our country, she is a role model who will help to build our growing economy in Kyrgyzstan. ”

50,000 soms - this is the sum of the loan for our heroine - allowed Aytikan to increase the volume of purchases of goods, gradually increasing turnover and making her business more profitable. If you are going to Dordoi, be sure to look at her shop, and get to know this wonderful woman and experienced entrepreneur who will offer you the best clothes and accessories she has.

Kurmanzhan Abdykadyrov has been working as a taxi driver in Bishkek for several years, many townspeople make use of his transport services daily, most of them get used to smile in response to his welcoming friendly smile. Earlier, he drove an old minibus, it was slow, shabby and look unpleasant and unattractive for passengers. Besides, bad roads finally did their job, and the bus functioned worse. "I drive more than ten hours a day," the driver reveals his circumstances.  “Passenger flow is huge, especially during rush hours, when people hurry to work or back home, to their families. Of course, I want my clients to travel with greater comfort, in a solidly looking and highly reliable vehicle. Moreover, my bus is my working place, and I'm used to order, accuracy."

It became obvious for Kurmangan Abdykadyrov, that his "iron horse" must be changed. He applied for a loan at CJSC MFC Alma Credit in October 2016. His aim was to purchase a new modification of a Mercedes Benz bus. The purchase of this car was a good solution for his transportation business, because the new good looking car would be able to provide his clients with better quality of transportation and additional comfort. 

"I looked through a variety of loan offers," Kurmanzhan comments. “I chose MFC Alma Credit because I liked how quickly and accurately my loan application was processed, no delays, no red tape. It is clear that the guys there are truly experienced, they gave me appropriate rates and terms. I calculated everything for several times, considered pros and cons of getting a loan and finally made the decision. " The loan of $ 9,120 was spent on the purchase of a new car, and Kurmanjan rented his old bus to another driver, earning extra profit. "I now recommend my friends and acquaintances to follow my experience,” the businessman says with a smile. “This is a good solution for small businesses. I wish "Alma Credit" further sustainable development and rapid expansion to all regions of the country as well as occupying a niche in other sectors of the Kyrgyzstan’s economy. "

Now Kurmanzhan Abdykadyrov plans to buy another bus, and provide transportation services at the regional level. To make his plan to be realized he needs a reliable, large bus, with comfortable sits and air conditioning, because of the long distances. The entrepreneur is considering the model of the bus of his dream, and MFCAlma Credit is happy to offer him the best terms and conditions for a new loan.

"There is nothing more joyful for us than the realization that a loan issued by our microfinance company has brought numerous benefits to the client," says Sanzhar Tolubay uulu, Director of CJSC MFC Alma Credit branch, in which Kurmanjan received a loan.  “Such entrepreneurs inspires us, people like him set a goal to live better, and confidently follow their goal. We, at MFC Alma Credit are always ready to help both beginners and experienced businessmen to expand and improve their business. Affordable lending for Kyrgyz citizens is our first priority. "

At 90-s really difficult time took place following the collapse of the Soviet Union. That complicated period Cholpon Dayyrbekova launched her own business with a starting capital of 30,000 soms. She traded disposable plastic dishes. She had no a trading place and simply sold the goods directly to the outlets of Bishkek. Hard work has produced good results and Cholpon has created her own loyal client base and leased a trading place in the Osh market in Bishkek. The businesswoman took loans a few times to enlarge and expand her business. She bought 2 trading places and installed three-ton containers there to make her shops more convenient for customers. Credit money also allowed to significantly increase the assortment of goods and buy an apartment in Bishkek.

"I used to go to China and Almaty (Kazakhstan) on my own. But in recent years, the economic downturn and instability of the dollar exchange rate have questioned the possibility of long trips to purchase goods by myself, although they provided the maximum profit for my business”, Cholpon Daiyrbekova says. "Now, Kyrgyzstan became a part of the EAEC, so many aspects of purchasing and transporting goods have turned to be simpler and smoother, and new opportunities for purchasing plastic cutlery have emerged."

Having weighed all the pros and cons, Cholpon decided to get a loan in order to take her business to a new level. The considerable money amount was required, she needed $ 30,000 to realize her plans. She chose the MFC Alma Credit to take a loan from, the company met all her requirements for rates, availability and professionalism.

"Disposable tableware has confidently entered our life. It has become an indispensable attribute of fast food enterprises, since it has excellent qualities: it cannot be broken easily, it weighs very little, and it does not take much space to store it”, commented Eleonora Mamiralieva, director of the MFC Alma Credit branch, where the entrepreneur got the credit. “The fast food market in Bishkek is growing, there are more and more catering companies opening all over the city, restaurants, cafes, confectioneries. It provides a reliable basis for forming a solid client base for plastic utensils trade both wholesale and retail. This means that our client's business will prosper and things will go uphill. "

Cholpon Daiyrbekova plans to comprehensively develop the business in the chosen niche, work with wholesalers from small and large markets and bazaars in Bishkek, access the regional market, constantly expanding the range of goods offered at her plastic cutlery shops. Of course, money is always needed for development, and the MFC Alma Credit is always ready to help business with credits at affordable terms and conditions.

While the networks of large supermarkets continue to expand throughout Kyrgyzstan, the bulk of consumer demand is served by small and medium-sized food stores, hiding in secondary streets of towns and villages and in bazaars. Small shops often serve as a convenient option for purchases for people returning from work, they have also become a favorite place for fast grocery shopping for the majority of Kyrgyz people. Nuria Khalikova knows how much time the availability of a store nearby saves for housekeepers, so she made a profitable business out of the sale of food products to the population.

"Nowadays people work hard, they are always in a hurry," says the entrepreneur Nuria Khalikova. “There is not always time to walk around the bazaar for a long time or drive to a large market. It is often easier to buy everything you need in one small store. Each family has a certain set of products for regular purchasing. I understood this perfectly when I opened my grocery store. " Day after day, Nuria's business developed, creating a new clientele. However, the entrepreneur was clearly aware that the more diverse products will be presented in her store, the more likely people will come to shop here. She wanted to install display refrigerators at the store to make visitors see a wide range of sour-milk, meat products, as well as fast-frozen foods. "My experience confirms that people buy what they see," Nuria says. "Therefore, a refrigerated showcase greatly increases revenue, because when a buyer is given a range of products to choose from, a chance of purchase increases."

The acquisition of the desired refrigeration equipment required additional investments, and, rather big ones. After considering all financing options, the businesswoman decided to take a loan in the microfinance company Alma Credit. Having quickly completed all the necessary applications and received cash, Nuria Khalikova bought two refrigerated showcases at once and increased the turnover of her store by significantly expanding the range of goods. Naturally, in connection with these changes, the profit also increased.

"In the future, our client plans to further expand her business," comments Ryskulbek uulu Nurmat, the Director of the MFC Alma Credit branch in Kara-Balta, where Nuria took the loan. “She is planning the purchase of the second store at the "Zhayil" market in Kara-Balta. We will certainly be happy to offer her the best loan conditions for her business. Financing entrepreneurs is one of the important areas of our company's work, and we will actively develop in this direction. "

"Made in Kyrgyzstan" – this label is widely known in the CIS countries, especially in Russia and Kazakhstan. The development of the textile industry in the Kyrgyz Republic has received a big push especially in recent years, after entering to the markets of the EAES. A huge number of small, medium and large sewing shops and factories work throughout the country, their concentration is particularly strong in the Chui region and Bishkek. A young businessman Kurmanbek Zhakybaliyev opened his own sewing business in Bishkek.

"For many years I worked as a cutter in the sewing shops of our capital," Kurmanbek said. - This occupation has always been in demand, with my rich experience and my attention to details and accuracy I had no problems with employment. People like buying new clothes, and they care a lot about the quality of what they wear. I got many connections in the sewing business, I began to understand this business well, naturally, I had a desire to open my own sewing workshop and stop working for a boss. Having weighed all "FOR" and "AGAINST", as well as possible risks, Kurmanbek Zhakybaliyev finally decided to become an entrepreneur and be his own boss. However, There was a lack of money for the start up. He needs about 160,000 soms. He decided to lend the initial capital and applied for a loan at the MFC Alma Credit.

"Kurmanbek is our long-time loyal customer since 2014," comments Ulan Zhaparov, the Director of the MFC Alma Credit branch in Bishkek. “Kurmanbek took a group loan in our company for 60 000 soms for the first time. Since then, he is credited at our microfinance company annually, and now this is not a group loan, but individual loans. When he came up with the idea of opening his sewing workshop, we tried to give our best rates and conditions for his business loan. The sewing industry is a very promising sector, it is a good chance to build a stable business for the customer. "

The young entrepreneur purchased special sewing equipment and paid rent of the workshop for three months. In the nearest future, Kurmanbek Zhakybaliyev plans to enter the Uzbek market and sell goods in Tashkent. Also, the businessman plans to buy out a workshop in order to get rid of the need to pay a monthly rent.

"It's very good that I found such a reliable partner as the MFC Alma Credit. Taking into account my far-reaching plans, loans from Alma Credit will help me to realize everything I planned”, says Kurmanbek. "Moreover, I joined Alma Credit's Affiliate Network to get an additional source of income. We, businessmen, often need extra financing, business always needs money, therefore, so I will receive additional income recommending Alma Credit’s loans to my business partners and friends. "
Going towards his dream, Kurmanbek works with his wife at the sewing workshop, she is responsible for the Quality Assurance. Kurmanbek employs about 20 people at his sewing workshop. The entrepreneur hopes to firmly occupy his niche in the light industry of Kyrgyzstan, increasing the volume of tailoring and expanding product range, making his feasible contribution to the development of the country's economy.