Kurmanzhan Abdykadyrov has been working as a taxi driver in Bishkek for several years, many townspeople make use of his transport services daily, most of them get used to smile in response to his welcoming friendly smile. Earlier, he drove an old minibus, it was slow, shabby and look unpleasant and unattractive for passengers. Besides, bad roads finally did their job, and the bus functioned worse. "I drive more than ten hours a day," the driver reveals his circumstances.  “Passenger flow is huge, especially during rush hours, when people hurry to work or back home, to their families. Of course, I want my clients to travel with greater comfort, in a solidly looking and highly reliable vehicle. Moreover, my bus is my working place, and I'm used to order, accuracy."

It became obvious for Kurmangan Abdykadyrov, that his "iron horse" must be changed. He applied for a loan at CJSC MFC Alma Credit in October 2016. His aim was to purchase a new modification of a Mercedes Benz bus. The purchase of this car was a good solution for his transportation business, because the new good looking car would be able to provide his clients with better quality of transportation and additional comfort. 

"I looked through a variety of loan offers," Kurmanzhan comments. “I chose MFC Alma Credit because I liked how quickly and accurately my loan application was processed, no delays, no red tape. It is clear that the guys there are truly experienced, they gave me appropriate rates and terms. I calculated everything for several times, considered pros and cons of getting a loan and finally made the decision. " The loan of $ 9,120 was spent on the purchase of a new car, and Kurmanjan rented his old bus to another driver, earning extra profit. "I now recommend my friends and acquaintances to follow my experience,” the businessman says with a smile. “This is a good solution for small businesses. I wish "Alma Credit" further sustainable development and rapid expansion to all regions of the country as well as occupying a niche in other sectors of the Kyrgyzstan’s economy. "

Now Kurmanzhan Abdykadyrov plans to buy another bus, and provide transportation services at the regional level. To make his plan to be realized he needs a reliable, large bus, with comfortable sits and air conditioning, because of the long distances. The entrepreneur is considering the model of the bus of his dream, and MFCAlma Credit is happy to offer him the best terms and conditions for a new loan.

"There is nothing more joyful for us than the realization that a loan issued by our microfinance company has brought numerous benefits to the client," says Sanzhar Tolubay uulu, Director of CJSC MFC Alma Credit branch, in which Kurmanjan received a loan.  “Such entrepreneurs inspires us, people like him set a goal to live better, and confidently follow their goal. We, at MFC Alma Credit are always ready to help both beginners and experienced businessmen to expand and improve their business. Affordable lending for Kyrgyz citizens is our first priority. "