Mission of Alma Credit – improvement of the society welfare through provision of good quality financial services to population.

Each organization has its own debt before the society, before people and before the State. Our company also wants to bear its social responsibility, which must be expressed in sustainable development of the Kyrgyz society.

Alma Credit – is:

  • improvement of clients’ life quality through financial services
  • continuous interaction with state bodies
  • sound business practice
  • liabilities on timely payment of taxes and wages
  • provision of new work places
  • creation of optimal conditions for education, work, recreation and leisure of employees
  • charity and sponsorship

Values of the Company:

  • Client-Orientation

    We value highly our clients and appreciate them! We work for them!

  • Honesty and Ethics

    We are honest and open in all our affairs with clients, partners and colleagues!

  • Confidence and Interaction

    We trust our clients, partners and colleagues and achieve our goals together!

  • Effectiveness

    We constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of all spheres of our activity!

  • Respect and Dignity

    We treat our clients, colleagues and other people with respect and dignity!

Our company accumulated solid experience at the financial market of the Kyrgyz Republic and developed the following brand positioning statements: Alma Credit is a reliable company that helps people to adequately overcome difficult life situations and makes their life a little bit better and easier by providing a simplified access to financial services with a high level of customer service.
In more details, Alma Credit is:
• one of the most serious players at the financial market of the Kyrgyz Republic
• A new type of microfinance company, who strives to achieve maximum speed, convenience and efficiency of all business processes, effectiveness and openness to everything new
• a company which offers convenient and quick way to get a loan and then simply and comfortably pay it off
• A company that operates strictly in accordance with national laws and regulations, seeks to be a great example for other participants of the microfinance market
• A company, which carefully and attentively serves each client and strives to provide a high-quality service for everybody.