As a rule, every entrepreneur who successfully overcomes the first difficult period of business start-up begins to think about future expansion and enhancement. However, business development in Kyrgyzstan requires additional funds. First of all, the concept of "business development" implies its growth and expansion, which can consist of replenishment of current assets, building new business premises or expanding existing ones, and buying new equipment. It’s up to you how you will develop your business in Kyrgyzstan. But there is a great thing that CJSC MFC Alma Credit can help you with. It’s a good loan for the development of your business.

Terms & Benefits:

- Amount: 10000 - 14 000 USD
- Term of the loan: from 3 to 36 months
- Absence of hidden commissions and additional fees
- Quick processing of your loan application
- Professional attitude and individual approach

Appointment of business loans

- Loans for the acquisition, repair, modernization / reconstruction, construction of fixed assets
- Loans for working capital replenishment
- Loans for investment purposes - financing for a new line of business activities

What if you don’t have a business yet? What if you just have a great business idea and no money for implementing it? Without a loan, it is almost impossible to start a company, since really few people have enough money in their possession for a start up. If you wait for a long time accumulating the necessary funds, your business idea can become obsolete and irrelevant and your competitors will beat you. In this case, a loan for business development offered by ZAO MFC Alma Credit also becomes an excellent solution for you.

You can apply for your consumer loan at our offices in Bishkek and Kara-Balta. Our credit specialists will be happy to provide high qualified consultations on the advantages of getting a loan at MFC  Alma Credit and to develop tailor-made solutions with flexible deadlines.

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