At 90-s really difficult time took place following the collapse of the Soviet Union. That complicated period Cholpon Dayyrbekova launched her own business with a starting capital of 30,000 soms. She traded disposable plastic dishes. She had no a trading place and simply sold the goods directly to the outlets of Bishkek. Hard work has produced good results and Cholpon has created her own loyal client base and leased a trading place in the Osh market in Bishkek. The businesswoman took loans a few times to enlarge and expand her business. She bought 2 trading places and installed three-ton containers there to make her shops more convenient for customers. Credit money also allowed to significantly increase the assortment of goods and buy an apartment in Bishkek.

"I used to go to China and Almaty (Kazakhstan) on my own. But in recent years, the economic downturn and instability of the dollar exchange rate have questioned the possibility of long trips to purchase goods by myself, although they provided the maximum profit for my business”, Cholpon Daiyrbekova says. "Now, Kyrgyzstan became a part of the EAEC, so many aspects of purchasing and transporting goods have turned to be simpler and smoother, and new opportunities for purchasing plastic cutlery have emerged."

Having weighed all the pros and cons, Cholpon decided to get a loan in order to take her business to a new level. The considerable money amount was required, she needed $ 30,000 to realize her plans. She chose the MFC Alma Credit to take a loan from, the company met all her requirements for rates, availability and professionalism.

"Disposable tableware has confidently entered our life. It has become an indispensable attribute of fast food enterprises, since it has excellent qualities: it cannot be broken easily, it weighs very little, and it does not take much space to store it”, commented Eleonora Mamiralieva, director of the MFC Alma Credit branch, where the entrepreneur got the credit. “The fast food market in Bishkek is growing, there are more and more catering companies opening all over the city, restaurants, cafes, confectioneries. It provides a reliable basis for forming a solid client base for plastic utensils trade both wholesale and retail. This means that our client's business will prosper and things will go uphill. "

Cholpon Daiyrbekova plans to comprehensively develop the business in the chosen niche, work with wholesalers from small and large markets and bazaars in Bishkek, access the regional market, constantly expanding the range of goods offered at her plastic cutlery shops. Of course, money is always needed for development, and the MFC Alma Credit is always ready to help business with credits at affordable terms and conditions.