“Children are our everything”, says Matraimova Danahan, one of the long-standing and regular clients of MFC Alma Credit. In the early 2000s, she launched her own business in the sale of children's clothes. The choice of this particular area was not accidental. “Everyone must be sure that children are dressed in a good and high-quality clothes, it is very important,” Danakhan decisively says. “I’m a grandmother, most of my grandchildren are still small, up to 6 years old, it is really important for infants and small children to wear high-quality clothes and shoes. I’ve been in business for many years and I can confidently say that there are enough gray products of low quality on the market today that adversely affect children's health. It is unacceptable. ”If clothes are of low quality, not environmentally friendly, children may have problems with the skin, skin irritation and troubles with health. Therefore, The entrepreneur often advises her clients to pay attention to the manufacturer, country of production. Danahan strives to offer customers the best children's clothes at an affordable price and good quality.
The director of the Alma Credit branch, Abdybekova Gulzat, notes that Danahan is a talented entrepreneur, a wonderful grandmother and a very responsible borrower: “In one year, Matraimova Danahan received several loans and paid them off on time. Her ability to handle money and a sense of responsibility deserve deep respect. She invests money in business to increase turnover. ”
Now the client has increased sales, sales have grown by more than 20%, and the business is developed successfully every day. Matraimova Danahan plans to comprehensively grow her business in the chosen niche and increase sales of goods at other store locations. The plans are ambitious and require considerable investment. Dunahan already knows where to turn for financial help, because MFC Alma Credit is always ready for fruitful cooperation and helping its clients to develop their business on favorable terms.