A cozy house, the warm lights are on in the windows, the life of a friendly Kyrgyz family is carefully sheltered by beautiful curtains. This attractive and comfortable picture rises before the eyes of every housewife who seeks to create coziness in her home. And the heroine of this story - Mukeyeva Saltanat - is directly related to home comfort and improvement. Saltanat is a young entrepreneur, she is a trader who sells curtains at the Dordoi market (the Kerben sector).

“A good-looking beautiful house is important for everybody,” says our heroine. “I know how we love decorating our homes for receiving guests, and the happy life of the family, so that everyone can feel the warmth and care of the place. I think that beautiful curtains add a special effect on our houses with charming accents at windows. " Saltanat knows a lot about fabrics, accessories for curtains, she easily guesses the wishes of customers, wishing the customers all the best. She is engaged in the procurement of goods, conducts bookkeeping and monitors all aspects of her business.

One day the entrepreneur realized that she needs to increase the turnover to allow quick growth of her business and increase profits. The logical decision in this situation was a loan from the Alma Credit microfinance company. Critically assessing her capabilities and weighing the risks, the female entrepreneur successfully received a loan and invested borrowed funds into her business. A carefully considered and balanced decision was successful - the business went faster, the turnover increased, and Saltanat became truly satisfied.

“I sincerely admire the Saltanat`s business acumen, her perseverance, and hard work,” said Keneshev Tilek, director of the branch of the Alma Credit microfinance company, where the entrepreneur`s loan was issued. “She presents is a great example when a small loan helps to improve and develop a business and create a solid foundation for its successful work for many years.”