"Made in Kyrgyzstan" – this label is widely known in the CIS countries, especially in Russia and Kazakhstan. The development of the textile industry in the Kyrgyz Republic has received a big push especially in recent years, after entering to the markets of the EAES. A huge number of small, medium and large sewing shops and factories work throughout the country, their concentration is particularly strong in the Chui region and Bishkek. A young businessman Kurmanbek Zhakybaliyev opened his own sewing business in Bishkek.

"For many years I worked as a cutter in the sewing shops of our capital," Kurmanbek said. - This occupation has always been in demand, with my rich experience and my attention to details and accuracy I had no problems with employment. People like buying new clothes, and they care a lot about the quality of what they wear. I got many connections in the sewing business, I began to understand this business well, naturally, I had a desire to open my own sewing workshop and stop working for a boss. Having weighed all "FOR" and "AGAINST", as well as possible risks, Kurmanbek Zhakybaliyev finally decided to become an entrepreneur and be his own boss. However, There was a lack of money for the start up. He needs about 160,000 soms. He decided to lend the initial capital and applied for a loan at the MFC Alma Credit.

"Kurmanbek is our long-time loyal customer since 2014," comments Ulan Zhaparov, the Director of the MFC Alma Credit branch in Bishkek. “Kurmanbek took a group loan in our company for 60 000 soms for the first time. Since then, he is credited at our microfinance company annually, and now this is not a group loan, but individual loans. When he came up with the idea of opening his sewing workshop, we tried to give our best rates and conditions for his business loan. The sewing industry is a very promising sector, it is a good chance to build a stable business for the customer. "

The young entrepreneur purchased special sewing equipment and paid rent of the workshop for three months. In the nearest future, Kurmanbek Zhakybaliyev plans to enter the Uzbek market and sell goods in Tashkent. Also, the businessman plans to buy out a workshop in order to get rid of the need to pay a monthly rent.

"It's very good that I found such a reliable partner as the MFC Alma Credit. Taking into account my far-reaching plans, loans from Alma Credit will help me to realize everything I planned”, says Kurmanbek. "Moreover, I joined Alma Credit's Affiliate Network to get an additional source of income. We, businessmen, often need extra financing, business always needs money, therefore, so I will receive additional income recommending Alma Credit’s loans to my business partners and friends. "
Going towards his dream, Kurmanbek works with his wife at the sewing workshop, she is responsible for the Quality Assurance. Kurmanbek employs about 20 people at his sewing workshop. The entrepreneur hopes to firmly occupy his niche in the light industry of Kyrgyzstan, increasing the volume of tailoring and expanding product range, making his feasible contribution to the development of the country's economy.