The heroine of our history - Akmat kyzy Aitikan - was born in the Chui region. She sells women's clothing at the Dordoi market (the Eurasia sector). The female entrepreneur is married, has 2 children, and she successfully combines career and family like many other Kyrgyz women, she supports her beloved ones, keeps an eye on the house and works at the market.

“I like to trade in clothes, I feel that trade is something I love,” comments Akmat Kyzy Aytikan, a female entrepreneur. - I love when customers come to me to dress up again and again. I always try to give the best advice whether clothes suit my customers or not. After all, if my client is satisfied with the purchase and feel comfortable in clothes I sold her, she will wear it for a long time and with pleasure, and she will certainly return to me, because she knows I`m a good seller. ”

Any person who is professionally engaged in trade understands that turnover in trade is a matter of great importance, because gross income and profit depend on it. Naturally, the gradual accumulation of funds to increase turnover takes a lot of time. Especially if we take into account the ever-increasing costs related to growing children who need to be well fed, dressed and taught. Aytikan has long been in the trading business, confidently standing on its feet. Therefore, she has weighed all the pros and cons, and decided to take a small loan for business development.

Keneshev Tilek, director of the branch of the Alma Credit microfinance company, notes that the company is actively issuing loans to finance trade for individual entrepreneurs and small business. “Business loans are in great demand among our citizens. Akmat kyzy Aitikan is a vivid example of successful female entrepreneurship in our country, she is a role model who will help to build our growing economy in Kyrgyzstan. ”

50,000 soms - this is the sum of the loan for our heroine - allowed Aytikan to increase the volume of purchases of goods, gradually increasing turnover and making her business more profitable. If you are going to Dordoi, be sure to look at her shop, and get to know this wonderful woman and experienced entrepreneur who will offer you the best clothes and accessories she has.