The desire to have their own home comes to people of different incomes, social status, and at any age. But, perhaps, in Kyrgyzstan it is difficult to find a person who has never thought about buying a house and the majority prefer to get a mortgage loan for this purpose. The heroine of our story - Dzhamgurova Sharshenbubu is no exception. Mom of five wonderful children, she has already become a grandmother, raising the second generation with love and care.

“Everyone needs a place where you can return after a hard working day, hug all family members, relax and rest,” says Sharshenbubu, recalling when a desire to take a mortgage loan comes to her for the first time. - The accumulation of money for purchasing a house can take many decades. Instead, you can take out a loan, pay a debt and live a more comfortable life.”

Of course, some people are afraid of such long-term debt obligations. However, it’s a real happiness to feel that you own a house. You can easily equip everything as you want, choose furniture, design and home appliances at your own discretion.

Sharshenbubu is sure: “Investments in square meters have always paid off. The main thing is to pay bills properly, and before you get a loan, it is very clear to plan how much income you have for paying a loan. My husband and I have more than 20 years of experience in crop production and livestock farming, we well weighed the pros and cons before taking a loan from Alma Credit microfinance company. Therefore, we never had a bank debt or other problems, we make repayments on time. The house is slowly getting better, grandchildren are growing up.”

Toktogulova Meerim, director of the Alma Credit branch, where Sharshenbubu received her mortgage loan, praises the client very much: “We are very happy for her and admire her as a woman, , and as a very wise and organized client with brilliant discipline in paying out loan. For many Kyrgyz citizens, a mortgage is the only chance to change their quality of life for the better and gain confidence in the future through the acquisition of their own house, and our microfinance company is always ready to help do this.”