Documents required for loan obtaining:

  1. Passport of each group member;
  2. Local municipal statements of actual residence of all group members;
  3. Permissive documents for business conduction or any other documents, confirming solvency of each group member, documents confirming solvency of family members (if available).

Lending terms:

  1. Loan amount from 20,000 soms to 150,000 soms;
  2. Loan period from 3 to 18 months;
  3. Interest rate: for new borrowers – 2.966% per month (35.60% p.a. by annuity method of calculation);
  4. Collateral: Up to 50,000 soms – surety of one person, more than 50,000 soms – surety of 2 persons;
  5. Minimum and maximum effective interest rate: 44.94% - 55.48%;
  6. Collateral: Group solidarity;
  7. Group loan: Total amount of issued loan to all members of the Solidarity Group.

Solidarity group:

  1. Solidarity group – is a voluntary association of natural persons, being members of one group, having a permanent source of income.
  2. Solidarity group is formed and functions based on principles of solidarity, voluntary association, availability of business (neighbourly, relative, professional, social, etc.) relations between group members, admission, authenticity and personal responsibility

Each group member shall be obliged to participate personally in all procedures, connected with obtaining and repayment of loan, as well as to use the received funds personally, without their transfer to another solidary group member or any third party. In case of transfer of the received loan funds to third parties or other solidarity group members, all group members shall bear full joint and several liability on its repayment.