Documents required for mortgage loan obtaining:

  1. Borrower’s passport, his/her spouse’s passport, marriage certificate (if available);
  2. Guarantor’s passport;
  3. Borrower’s and guarantor’s local municipal statement of residence;
  4. Data on a borrower, a borrower’s spouse, a guarantor from “Ishenim” Credit Information Bureau;
  5. Notarized consent of a spouse for mortgage loan obtaining or a notarized statement on a family status (single, not married);
  6. Documents confirming income of a borrower, family members and, if necessary, of a guarantor (letter of employment confirmation on wage/a patent/a rental agreement/ accounting books, etc.).

Documents required for real estate provided as collateral:

  1. Pledger’s passport, notarized consent of a spouse for mortgage or a notarized statement on a family status (single, not married);
  2. Documents of entitlement for real estate (purchase-sale agreement, contract of exchange or gift, statements and resolutions of local self-government bodies, state act on a right to a land plot, etc.), technical passport for real estate, certificate from the State Registration Service on state registration of real estate.

Lending terms:

  1. Loan amount from 100,000 soms to 300,000 soms
  2. Loan period from 3 to 36 months
  3. Interest rate: 2.75% per month (33% p.a. by annuity calculation method)
  4. Collateral: Real estate + guarantee of 1 person
  5. Minimum and maximum effective interest rate: 39.49% - 47.03%.