"Super Farmer"

Loans for the whole range of agricultural works (purchase of agricultural machinery, development of personal part-time farming, Farmer's credits for field crop cultivation, plant growing and gardening, loans for plant and livestock )

"Cherished Desire"

Consumer loans for the purchase of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, a new dress at graduation, a New Year gift for parents - all things you might need, but the there is a shortage of money and a lack of time to save money.

"Life is good!"

Credits to hold festive events of any size - from a small and modest birthday party to a rich gorgeous wedding ball as well as travelling through Kyrgyzstan and abroad

"Education is light"

Education loans to help you to get a higher or secondary technical education in Kyrgyzstan or abroad - in Russia, Europe, the USA, etc.

"Four Wheels"

Auto-loan for various auto-moto needs (Purchase of auto parts, purchase of winter/summer/all season tires, new or used car purchasing, used car repair, buying a trailer for a car)


Mortgage loans and credits for extension of the living space, house repairing, purchase of heating appliances, water heaters, etc.